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Super Bowl is a carry out dedicated to promoting traditional Asian cuisine, particularly the authentic Hong Kong dining culture.


Copy of Curry Chicken Breast.png

Slow-cooked chicken breast with Super Bowl's signature curry sauce, served with onions,carrots, green peppers and peas making a rich-flavoured dish.

Peking Duck is a traditional Chinese dish. It is a duck dish that combines with sauce that is sweet and a bit sour. It is extremely appetizing, it goes well with rice, fried rice or chips.

Black Pepper Beef.png

Beef with black pepper sauce is a one of the most popular dishes, probably because of its unique sensation of hotness.

First, stir fry minced garlic and ground black pepper until fragrant, then add onions, green peppers, carrots and marinated sliced beef. Stir fry further until the vegetables are slightly softened. Finally, add chicken broth and seasonings and bring to a boil. It emits a lovely and fragrant smell of black pepper instantly. Vegetables and tender beef in a savoury sauce make a great combination.

Roasted duck with mushrooms in Cantonese barbecued sauce - stir fry with mushrooms, onions, green peppers and carrots. A dish full of aroma and flavours.

Barbecued Roast Duck with Mushrooms.png

Fried Rice / Chow Mein 

Eggs, chicken and rice are all fried together and ending with sprinkles of chopped spring onions, which is full of aroma and flavours. That's why it is an All-Time Favourite for most!

Stir frying the prawns makes its texture refreshing and delicious. Combining prawns and noodles with soy sauce which is fresh and slightly sweet, the soya flavour is strong, making the overall taste fresh and aromatic.

Stir fry the pieces of beef until fragrant, then add eggs, peas and spring onions. Finally, add rice to the wok. Stir fry altogether to maximise the aroma. It is appetizing and delicious. You should definitely try it!

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