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About Us

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About us
I Believe I Can

Super Bowl is managed by professional nutritionists, who are with many years of experience. And our chef with distinct techniques, who aims to maintain the nutrition of every dish to achieve a balanced diet. He cooks a variety of traditional dishes, bringing the extraordin ary cuisine into Super Bowl.​

Our Vision

To spread the Cantonese food culture of Super Bowl to every corner of the world.

Our Mission

We aim to continuously improve the quality of food and service, and strive to be the best.

We Serve from Our Heart

We always put “customer satisfaction" first. We pay attention to the preferences of individual customers to meet their actual needs. A pleasant greeting and a heart-warming smile are the symbols of Super Bowl serving with the heart.

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Attention to Details from the Customer's Point of View

At Super Bowl, we work from the finest detail to continuously improve our customer’s satisfaction. Super Bowl continues to create good food and provide great service.

  • Sit-in available

  • Food with sauce is covered with a microwaveable box, which is convenient for storage and reheating.

  • Sturdy aluminium box to preserve heat  

  • Insulated bags are also provided so the temperature of the food is maintained. 

  • Improve operational efficiency and provide an approximate completion time. After the customer places an order, it will be finished within the time frame according to specific situation. We always try our best to complete the order as soon as possible.

  • To enhance visual enjoyment, a slideshow of menu is on TV with pleasant background music in shop.

  • We also say "Enjoy" when we give customers their meals.


Food Hygiene and Health

When we handle food:

  • Must wash hands to ensure cleanliness and put on gloves

  • Wear gloves to prevent food contamination

  • Wear a clean work hat and hair net, and tie up long hair to prevent hair from falling into food

  • Wear a mask to prevent coughing or sneezing onto the food. This also reduces the health impact such as inhaling too much smoke while cooking

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