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Super Bowl Express

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Super Bowl emphasises Hong Kong style cuisine. We serve with our heart, pay attention to details, put "customer satisfaction" first, and take it as our mission to continuously improve the quality of food and service. We strive to make customers satisfied and we aim to make life enjoyable.

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FREE can of drink

FOLLOW us on Facebook - Super Bowl Express and get a FREE can of drink!!

Available from 18th May - 1st June 2024. 


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Peking Chicken

Peking sauce is very famous in Cantonese cuisine. Crispy chicken is used for Peking Chicken and it is stir fried with onions, carrots, green peppers and pineapple. It tastes sweet and a little sour, which definitely goes well with fried rice, chow mein or chips. You should try it out!!

Available from 7th May - 21st May 2024.

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Box Meal

Main Box

Mix & Match Main Boxes🥡

Create your own box meal with your favourite dish(es) and sides!!

1. Pick a size of box

Small (1 Dish + 2 Sides)                

Medium (2 Dishes+ 2 Sides)            

Large (3 Dishes + 2 Sides) 
2. Pick your dish(es) from Super Bowl’s signature and classic dishes Spicy, sweet & sour or savoury, Super Bowl Express has it all!!

3. Pick 2 sides from fried rice, chips or noodles 

Easy, tasty and handy -  absolutely perfect for a quick lunch fix!!

Main Box_Express.png

Noodle Box

+ A can of soft drinks

Crispy scrumptious chicken lying on top of noodles in your favourite sauce - choose from 3. Why have them separately when you can combine them? Just eat straight from the box. Super satisfying, super handy!!

… I am starving already!

Noodle Box Express .png

Spicy Box

+ A can of soft drinks


Spice lovers' favourite..

Crispy chicken & chips in salted chilli style all in one box!

Spicy Box.png

​Snack Box

+ A can of soft drinks

Our snack boxes are extremely popular!!

You could get all chicken balls or chicken balls with different items such as sausages, veg spring rolls, samosas or crispy chicken.

All served with your choice of side and sauce like curry, gravy, sweet & sour sauce - in our quality leak proof containers. It also comes with a can.


Definitely a great choice when you want a lovely treat just for yourself.

Snack Box _Express.png

Pizza Box

+ A can of soft drinks

Pizza Box - salted chilli chicken and salted chilli chips with stir-fried onions, garlic and chilli, spring onions and carrots.

There are also chicken balls and mini spring rolls. You can have a choice of sauce from Curry, Gravy or Sweet & Sour Sauce.

Quickly add it to your favourite! It is a must have item for all salted chilli lovers to enjoy and share!

Pizza Box_Express.png

Super Box

+ 2 can of soft drinks

Super Box is like a 𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗜 𝗕𝗨𝗙𝗙𝗘𝗧 that you can have a bit of everything.

𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩’𝙨 𝙞𝙣 𝙞𝙩?

- Salted chilli chicken wings

- Salted chilli chicken

- Salted chilli chips

- Chicken balls

- Veg spring rolls

- Curry samosas

- Egg Fried rice

- Noodles

- 2 Sauces

(Gravy / curry / sweet & sour)

- 2 Cans of soft drinks


Super Box _Super Bowl Express .png

Kids Box

A wide selection of Kids Boxes now available!!

There are 3 choices of sauce from Curry, Gravy or Sweet & Sour sauce.

A bottle of Fruit Shoot (No Added Sugar) also comes with it.

Order today for a fabulous treat with the kids!

Kids Box _Express.png

Bubble Tea

​Cha Cha

It’s time for a Bubble Tea! We believe that drinking tea can bring a sense of happiness. To make “Good drinks” have not only different layers of taste, they also enhance the well-being of life.  "Cha Cha" persists its concept and sincerely makes the best flavoured special drinks for you, bringing this happiness and joy to everyone.

New Bubble Tea_FB.png
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Monday - Friday 9 am–6 pm

Saturday 10 am–6 pm

Sunday 1–6 pm

Unit B, Food Court, Connswater Shopping Centre, Belfast

Opening Hours

Super Bowl Connswater

Tuesdays - Sundays: 4pm - 10pm
Mondays Closed

(Except Bank Holidays)

113 Moore Street, Aughnacloy

BT69 6AR

028 8555 6798

Super Bowl Aughnacloy

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