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About us

It’s time for a Bubble Tea!
We believe that drinking tea can bring a sense of happiness. To make “Good drinks” have not only different layers of taste, they also enhance the well-being of life. 

"Cha Cha" persists its concept and sincerely makes the best flavoured special drinks for you, bringing this happiness and joy to everyone.

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What are Fruit Teas

Fruit tea infuses fruit flavours into a tea base, like a black or green tea base and fruit flavours can be infused through extracts, fruit juices, or pieces of dried fruits mixed in with the tea leaves. 

Fruit teas offer many health benefits, due to the mixture of nutrients from the fruits such as vitamins and minerals, which can improve overall wellness. 

Health Benefits of Fruit Teas :
Improve skin health
Improving heart health
Aid digestion
Regulate hormones
Reduce Inflammation


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